dj astroboy's St. Louis events


Tribes Of Unity

  • Date: Saturday, October 30th, 1993
  • Promoter: M.A.R.S.
  • DJs: Kevin Brock, Jeff Feller, Brad S., Merlin
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O.K. so I'm not on the flyer. It was the first time I played in St. Louis though. As soon as I moved here, I called the MARS voicemail and told them I wanted to give them a tape. (Two of the MARS people, Boomer and Chuck are still in the scene in a big way: check out Nepol Records & Deeper Pitch). In those days, DJs were few and far between, so they were very open to listening to me. Very fun party. It was probably the last time I played happy hardcore or "proto-jungle" as I like to call it...

Hellraver II

  • Date: Saturday, October 30th, 1993
  • Promoter: Bob Barker
  • DJs: Mr. C, Mindrive, XOM, Terry Mullan, Marc Buxton, Jajo, Jeff Feller, Matt Brendel, Miko
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Very cool wooden floor warehouse party. I loved the way they set up the speakers at the four corners of the dance floor cuz it makes people want to dance with each other instead of at the dj. I like that more than the concert-like setups where the dj is at the center of a pair of speakers.

Sykodelik Peace Phreaks

  • Date: November 13th, 1993
  • Promoter: MARS
  • DJs: Jajo, Kevin Brock, Waxee, Smokes
SykodelikPeacePhreaks flyer front spacer SykodelikPeacePhreaks flyer back
That old Jack Daniels distillery was a wonderful space.


  • Date: January 29th, 1994
  • Promoter: MARS
  • DJs: Terry Mullan, Marc Buxton, Merlin, Matt Brendle, Jajo, Steve-O, Ron S.
Soopafly flyer front spacer Soopafly flyer back
Yen and Venus were so amazing that night.

Love Generator

  • Date: Saturday, February 12th, 1994
  • Promoter: Superstars of Love
  • DJs: Jon Williams, Josh Wink, Jas, Terry Mullan, Merlin, Stella, Kevin Brock, Droid, Jajo, Mindrive, Morbe, Waxee
LoveGenerator flyer front spacer LoveGenerator flyer back
LoveGenerator flyer back
Oh, What a Night!!! I played to myself in a little room out front very early and it was cold! Then I listened to Jon Williams and Wink play some of the tracks I had just played and people were loving it and I was psyched because I was on the right track at last. I got to play again in the third room, the one that you had to go through that funny curved tunnel-like hallway and it was fun, but the power went out a couple of times. I think there were a lot of people that were at that party that never realized there was a third room, but that's Ok 'cuz it was packed and sweaty.


  • Date: Saturday, March 12th, 1994
  • Promoter: Mr. Ephedrine & Merlin
  • DJs: Garth, Lego, Noel, Jeremy Reese, Terry Mullan, Merlin, Jajo
Metamorphosis flyer front spacer Metamorphosis flyer back
My first-ever color flyer! I was so nervous before the party I had completely planned my set out and played it at the party in the exact order. Funny thing, I was completely relaxed at the actual event...


  • Date: May 20th, 1994
  • Promoter: Spiritual Groove & Cyborganic
  • DJs: Dante Maure, Guy DMC, Jimi Doom, David Hollands, Jajo
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  • Date: Saturday, April 2nd, 1994
  • Promoter: Sta-Phresh Krew
  • DJs: Derrick Carter, David Hollands, Kevin Brock, Waxee, Icon, Smokes, Adrian, Dreamscape, Radha
Experience flyer front spacer Experience flyer back
Incredibly, I was spinning some 140-150 bpm trance and some guy waving a big can of schlitz malt liquor tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I "had any Nirvana". Wow.

2008: A Love Odyssey

  • Date: April 23rd, 1994
  • Promoter: Superstars of Love
  • DJs: Keoki, Scott Hardkiss, Mystic Bill, Davey Dave, Terry Mullan, Jajo, Merlin, Marc Buxton, Jethrox, R.P. Smack, Matt Brendle, Morbe, Droid, Ray Velasquez, Riverman
  • PAs: Sundowners and The Tribe
2008 flyer front spacer 2008 flyer middle spacer 2008 flyer back
Of course if you've seen this flyer in person, you know that I'm not doing it justice. Silver on a textured black paper, it's totally unique.


  • Date: May 13th & 14th, 1994
  • Promoter: Superstars of Love
  • DJs: Jeno, Reese, Mystic Bill, Jajo, Jeff Feller, Harry, Thome Tomato
Ritual flyer front Ritual flyer middle Ritual flyer back
This party went off! all weekend! An amazing ambient room full of drummers.


  • Date: May 20th, 1994
  • Promoter: Spiritual Groove & Superstars of Love
  • DJs: Richie Hawtin, Jajo, Merlin, Stretch
Bliss flyer front spacer Bliss flyer back
Life is good when you have Rich trapped in a filthy concrete basement room that holds about fifty people. Sweat, you.

A Miracle

  • Date: Saturday, July 9th, 1994
  • Promoter: Superstars of Love
  • DJs: Jon Williams, Wade Randolph Hamptom, Brad (SF), Mindrive, Diz
Miracle flyer front spacer Miracle flyer back
I can't believe we got shut down before Jon got to play. His music is simply without peer.


  • Date: Friday, June 24th, 1994
  • Promoter: Spiritual Groove
  • DJs: DJ Dmitry, Jajo, Jason Tartt
Bliss_Dmitry flyer front spacer Bliss_Dmitry flyer back
Dmitry is a sweetheart, a true joy to work with. His enthusiasm and positive energy really carried the night despite poor planning on the part of the promoter.


  • Date: July 16th, 1994
  • Promoter: Jajo
  • DJs: Ralphie Rosario, Robbie Hardkiss, Keoki, Reese, Mystic Bill, Jajo
Deeeper flyer front spacer Deeeper flyer back
This party got busted pretty early. I was smart and requested an early set, so I got to spin before the cops sent everyone home. Fun, in a twisted sorta way.


  • Date: August 21st, 1994
  • Promoter: Spiritual Groove Culture
  • DJs: Robert Armani, Gavin & Robbie Hardkiss, Adam X, Reese, Mystic Bill, Jajo, King Britt, Monk, Waxee, Trac.E, Kazelle, Jason Tartt, Dante Maure, Barry Weaver, Wade Hampton, Ray Velasquez, Droid, Miles Maeda, Matt Hawtin, Mike Huckaby, Billeebob, Eric Haupt, Matt Brendle, Dino, Beelijah, Sotero, Soulslinger ......
Supernatural flyer front spacer Supernatural flyer back
This was supposed to be one of those four day outdoor monstrosities. Looks kinda ambitious huh? Yep, you guessed it: busted again. If I remember correctly, this was the party where the SWAT team was watching people from the trees. Wade, Wade, Wade...what am I ever going to do with you?


  • Date: September 24th, 1994
  • Promoter: That Girl
  • DJs: Spun, Jeremy Reese, Carlos, Shawn (Albuquerqe)
Nectar flyer front spacer Nectar flyer back

Mystic Eye

  • Date: November 5th, 1994
  • Promoter: OS-B
  • DJs: Terry Mullan, Mystic Bill, Troposphere, Chip B, Trever Lamont, David Kirkland, Blurr, Tigger
MysticEye flyer front spacer MysticEye flyer back
Brilliant party execution and promotion by Ms. Dawn Cuddy. I still say the pre-flyer was cooler than the final version...

Lunar Loveland

  • Date: Friday, November 18th, 1994
  • Promoter: Superstars of Love
  • DJs: Jon Williams, Robert Armani, Mindrive, Eldon, Jeremy Reese
LunarLoveland flyer frontspacerLunarLoveland flyer back


  • Date: December 3rd, 1994
  • Promoter: That Girl
  • DJs: DJ Josh, Miles Maeda, John Kessan, Mr. Koolaid
Aurora flyer front spacer Aurora flyer back

Love Generator 2

  • Date: February 11th, 1995
  • Promoter: Superstars of Love
  • DJs: Juan Atkins, Mike Dearborn, Who, Dante, Earth, Mindrive, David Hollands, Jajo, Terry Mullan, Mystic Bill, Sho, Merlin
  • PAs: Dubtribe, Midwest Avengers, Tripper Information Systems
LoveGenerator2 flyer front spacer LoveGenerator2 flyer back
LoveGenerator2 flyer back


Fuk flyer front spacer Fuk flyer back

Pleasure Planet

  • Date: Friday, March 18th, 1995
  • Promoter: Undergroove Productions
  • DJs: Astroboy, Kevin Brock, Jeremy Reese
Pleasure Planet flyer front spacer Pleasure Planet flyer back
Despite the unassuming flyer, I really enjoyed this party. I debuted "Red 2" and actually had Kevin Brock dancing and doing kicks!!

Hardkiss "Delusions of Grandeur" album release tour

  • Date: March 25th, 1995
  • Promoter: That Girl
  • DJs: Scott, Robbie, and Gavin Hardkiss, Wade Randolph Hampton
Hardkiss flyer front spacer Hardkiss flyer back


  • Date: April 1st, 1995
  • Promoter: Lil' June and Shortikat
  • DJs: King Britt, Gene Farris, Beelijah, Greg Eversoul, Trevor Lamont, Mindrive, Reese, Jaerran, Kevin Brock, Stretch
If anyone has a better copy of this flyer, I'd be much obliged....
Bingo flyer front spacer Bingo flyer back


  • Date: April 22nd, 1995
  • Promoter: Superstars of Love
  • DJs: Kevin Saunderson, Dimitri, Garth, Trevor Lamont, Jajo, Chip B, Earth, Mr. Misty Kiss
  • PAs: Ozone Troop, Rabbit in the Moon
StarStruck flyer front spacer StarStruck flyer back

Starlight Discoteque

StarlightDiscoteque flyer front spacer StarlightDiscoteque flyer back

Synaptic Bliss

Hypnosis flyer front spacer Hypnosis flyer back

Roller Boogie Rave Baby

  • Date: June 3rd, 1995
  • Promoter: Superstars of Love
  • DJs: Joeski, Sameer, Jajo, Toast, The Professor
  • PAs: Midwest Avengers, All-Time-High Experience
RollerBoogieRaveBaby flyer front spacer RollerBoogieRaveBaby flyer back

Synaptic Bliss

  • Date: 5 August 1995
  • Promoter: The Dog Star Prophets
  • DJs: Mike Dearborn, Joey Beltram, Robert Armani, Hot Wheels, Efex, Sleepy C, Jajo, Waxee
SynapticBliss flyer front spacer SynapticBliss flyer back

Fun! Fun! Fun!

FunFunFun flyer front spacer FunFunFun flyer back
Well, darn it I only got to play for thirty minutes and we got shut off early for noise. Keep trying.

Star Generation

  • Date: Sunday, December 31st, 1995
  • Promoter: Superstars of Love, Vibe Alive
  • DJs: Marusha, Keoki, Ani, Hipp-E, Dante, Mystic Bill, Miles Maeda, Terry Mullan, Trevor Lamont, Earth, Traxx, Tommy Sunshine, Jeff Feller, Kid Droid, Mike Needles, Halo, Noah, Larick, Noid, Phoenix, Dani, Birdman, Scottie Miller, Ten, Albion, Kazu, Cyberjive, Ray Valasquez, Dreamscape, Robert Lynn, Uno, Riverman, Blurr
  • PAs: The Midwest Avengers, Ozone Troop, Trip Sequence, The Tribe, Deformities of the Mind
StarGeneration flyer front StarGeneration flyer middle1 StarGeneration flyer middle2
StarGeneration flyer middle3 StarGeneration flyer middle4 StarGeneration flyer back


  • Date: March 23rd, 1996
  • Promoter: That Girl
  • DJs: Terry Mullan, Hipp-E, Sleepy C, Jeff Feller, Charlie Chan, Rich Money, Spence
Horizons flyer front spacer Horizons flyer back

The Letter People Present the Letter "A"

  • Date: Friday, February 9th, 1996
  • Promoter: The Letter People
  • DJs: John Acquaviva
TheLetterA flyer front spacer TheLetterA flyer middle section spacer TheLetterA flyer back


Starburst flyer front spacer Starburst flyer middle section spacer Starburst flyer back

Terror Nova

  • Date: October 31st, 1997
  • Promoter: That Girl, Superstars of Love, Rhythm Matrix
  • DJs: Diz, Kevin Brock, Jevon Jackson, Greg Eversoul, Matt Semi, Mike Dearborn, Jon Williams, Sho, Contra, Sleepy-C, Jeff Feller, Kookie & Tre, Kevin Cunningham, Tik-Tak, Abstract, Titonton, O.B. Juan, Dave Morrison, DJ Alejan, C-Note, Toast, B-Money, All-Time-High
TerrorNova flyer front TerrorNova flyer middle1 TerrorNova flyer middle2
TerrorNova flyer middle3 TerrorNova flyer back
Who would have ever thought you could have so much fun throwing away so much money! What a great time. Would have been perfect if so many people hadn't snuck in without paying.

New Year's Eve at 1924 Sidney St.

  • Date: December 31st, 2001
NewYearsEve1924Sidney flyer front
Scrumptious vibe.

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