dj astroboy's Milwaukee events


  • Event Name: Ritual
  • Date: 31 December 1994
  • Promoter: Drop Bass
  • DJs: Damon Wild, DBX Dan Bell, Nicky Fingers, Dan DC
Drop Bass. New Year's Eve. The unbeatable combination. Drop Bass is one of - if not the best company to play for, and New Year's is the best night of the year to be entertaining people. I recall being so into dj'ing at this party that I looked down at the turntables at one point and I had mixed in a record and had faded it in, but I couldn't remember actually putting the record on at all! What people probably remember the best though, was when dj dufus (aka astroboy) decided to jump up and land on the stage so that the needle jumped across the record. At least it seems funny now...

  • Event Name: Midwest All-Stars
  • Date: Saturday, September 13th, 1997
  • Promoter: Network 10
  • DJs: Mindrive, ESP Woody McBride, Robert Armani, Kikoman, Cyberjive, Sleepy C, Trevor Lamont