dj astroboy's Indianapolis events

  • Event Name: Xanadu
  • Date: Saturday, October 29th, 1994
  • Promoter: Vibe Dimension
  • DJs: David Hollands, Sho, Evol, Bambi, Jay
  • PAs: Architectonic, Bio Mass
Xanadu flyer front Xanadu flyer back

  • Event Name: Get Funky
  • Date: Saturday, June 29, 1996
  • Promoter: Columns of Knowledge
  • DJs: Diz, Scott Richmond, Joeski, Danny the Wildchild, Jimmy Cricket, Doormouse, Daemon (San Diego), Mellowman, Unit-E, Wilhelm K, Joey Jeep
  • Live: Hesohigh

  • Event Name: Kingdom
  • Date: Friday, September 13, 199?
  • Promoter: Oracle
  • DJs: Heather Heart, Lego, Josh Werner, Craco Saca, Devil Girl, The Starchild
A benefit party (oddly) inside a shopping mall. The mall thing made the night feel weird as though we had snuck in to have a party. Excellent.
Kingdom flyer front
Kingdom flyer back

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