dj astroboy's Dayton events


  • Event Name: Encounter
  • Date: 17 December, 1994
  • Promoter: ?
  • DJs: Jethrox, Lodge, Placebo, Jimi, Sho, Ari
  • PAs: Prototype 909

  • Event Name: Fantastic Voyage
  • Date: 3 July, 1995
  • Promoter: Illuminators
  • DJs: Laurent Garnier, Dave Angel, John Acquaviva, DJ Dan, Terry Mullan, David Hollands, Dan Bell, Heckle & Jeckle, Dietrich, Sleepy C, Astroboy, Marshall Villarosa, Goodwill, Arash, Jimi, Phantom 45, Dieselboy, JJ Jellybean, Andromeda
  • PAs: System 7
Unbelievable cast of characters, Incredible execution on the part of the organizers. A night no one will ever forget. It went so fast because you were running from room to room trying to catch at least a little bit of everything that happened. Dave Angel sat on my record box!! I should have gotten him to autograph it.

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