dj astroboy's Chicago events


  • Event Name: GO!
  • Date: Saturday, 28 May 1993
  • Promoter: Nadisco
  • DJs: Dimitry, Norplant, Lego, Daniel Spencer, Jajo
My first trip to Chicago! Dimitry was a lot of fun. Lego blew my mind, I was amazed at how deep he could go and still keep everyone's attention. Jeff Mills was on the flyer, but he wasn't there. Too bad neither me nor Jajo got to spin. At 5 A.M. the lights just came on and they told us to leave.

  • Event Name: Prism
  • Date: Saturday, October 22nd 1994
  • Promoter: Infinite
  • DJs: Jajo, Justin Long, Boris, De Jae Dones

  • Event Name: Liquid Space
  • Date: 17 June 1995
  • Promoter: Solar Project
  • DJs: Robert Armani, Paul Johnson, Mystic Bill, Traxx, Maddgroove, Dj Fierce
We lost our space, but the promoter pulled a room at a club out of thin air and the night turned out great. It was the sweatiest party ever: I ended up spinning with no shirt at all. Very rare occurence for a scrawny boy like me.

  • Event Name: Universal Love
  • Date: November, 26 1995
  • Promoter: Ripe & Vibe Alive
  • DJs: Mike Dunn, Onionz, Sniper, Mystical Influence, Josh Werner, JJ Jellybean, Matty, Mystic Bill, Traxx, Davey Dave, Snuggles, RP, The Phantom 45

  • Event Name: Elemental
  • Date: December, 16 1995
  • Promoter: ASCII & Mental
  • DJs: Scott Hardkiss, Graeme, Stacy Pullen, Dan Curtin, Mike Dearborn, JJ Jellybean, Mindrive, Acid Boy Todd P, Snuggles, Felixstone

Beautiful night. I missed Ellery and Psycho Bitch cuz I needed to sleep, but everything else was just right. I still can't believe they pulled this off and didn't charge anyone to get in.

  • Event Name: Meltdown
  • Date: 24-25 June 199?
  • Promoter: Ripe, Vibe Alive
  • DJs: Spun, Dante, Mystic Bill, Gene Farris, Mindrive, Miles Maeda, Devil Girl, Phantom 45, G.Most, JJ Jellybean, Sleepy C., Justin Tewn, Steve Poindexter, Paul Johnson
another busted outdoor party. notable for the stress of having mystic bill arrested!
meltdown flyer front
meltdown flyer back

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